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Leadership Lessons from the US Submarine Force You Can Apply to Your Business

Leading with Purpose provides a simple, but powerful blueprint to get everyone on the same page, passionate about what they are doing, and focused on what matters most. It steps you through the creation of a simple, but powerful single-page plan and then shows you how to use it to develop an engaged and empowered team that collectively drives success, solves problems, and manages change.

If you are interested in creating a culture where your employees are galvanized around a common vision and a shared purpose, understand their specific role, help manage the day-to-day chaos, and stay focused on the goals that matter most, this is the book for you.

Leading with Purpose has a foreword by L. David Marquet, author of the business bestseller Turn the Ship Around!

The book’s single page plan coordinates with the Lead With Purpose online platform where leaders can manage their plan in the cloud for FREE.