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The world doesn't need more management systems. It needs more leadership.


Fast Attack Leadership

The 5 Step Framework Nuclear Submarine Officers Use to Develop Elite Teams

Drive results and adapt with a high-performance culture and a world-class employee experience to attract and retain the best people.

Key Takeaways

  • The Power of the 5-Step Framework
  • Agility in Adversity
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture 
  • Transformative Impact
  • Actionable Strategies for Future

Safety From the Silent Depths

Navigating the Seas of Safety in High-Stakes Environments

Ingrain a culture of Purpose-Driven Safety in the fabric of your organization and its people.

Key Takeaways

  • Lessons from the loss of the USS Thresher and the Navy’s SUBSAFE program
  • Human Connection
  • Swift Decision-Making
  • Transformative Purpose-Driven Safety
  • QA and PM Programs

Lead With Purpose

The 3-Step Process to Communicating and Connecting Your Employees to Your Company's Inspiring Story

Implement a brand purpose to boost your team’s productivity and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Importance of Purpose
  • Exploring the Declassified Fast Attack Framework
  • Simplifying Complex Concepts
  • Measuring and Addressing Disengagement
  • Applying Purpose-Driven Leadership

Bravo Zulu

Harnessing the Power of Recognitions, Celebrations, and Gratefulness to create an E3 Culture.

Become a workplace of choice with highly engaged employees and decreased turnover.

Key Takeaways

  • Define Your Company’s Bravo Zulu
  • The Science of Recognition
  • Impact on Employee Engagement
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • The Power of Public Recognition

Course Correct to Success

Cultivating Agility Within Your Leadership Team

Infuse the leadership and decision-making skills for your team members at every level to to make the most, smart decisions the fastest.

Key Takeaways

  • Agile Decision-Makers Empowers Success
  • Decentralized Decision-Making Amplifies Impact
  • Overcoming Decision Fatigue and Choice Overload
  • Leveraging Technology for Agility
  • Embracing Ambiguity and Taking the Shot

Battle E

The Art of Personal and Collective Readiness

Switch from a hierarchal organization to a matrixed organization where employees are empowered and meet high expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Operational Readiness Mindset
  • Empowering Transformation
  • Expertise-Driven Matrixed Teams
  • Cultivating Learning At-Speed
  • Question-Centric Leadership



Marc Koehler is a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer, Best-Selling Leadership Author, 35+ Year Sought-After Elite Leadership Expert, Turnaround CEO, and Founder of the Leadership Development and Research Firm Lead With Purpose.

Marc is a rare blend of expertise, engagement, and battle-tested, proven experience in Elite Leadership. He evangelizes that what the world needs is not more management systems –it needs more leadership. Marc’s experience in both the nuclear submariner service, including receiving two Battle E’s over the course of his career, as well as the business world has led him to become one of the foremost experts on Elite Leadership — a needed, relevant, and achievable approach to leadership in this new, disruptive world. His leadership development and research firm, Lead With Purpose, has developed over 51,000 leaders through the company’s SHRM-accredited organizational leadership consulting, coaching, courses, and simple systems. Residing in Oceanside, California, Marc is married to his wife Heidi of 28 years, and is Dad to their three grown daughters Anja, Liesel, and Sophie.

Leaders today are incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted navigating the complex and dynamically changing world. The massive disruptions and uprooted business climate we’ve all felt is only the beginning. While most organizations are stuck cleaning up the wreckage, the next wave of change is rolling in and the relentless pace of disruption is only going to accelerate. Global unrest, inflation, competition from everywhere, historic quit rates have the traditional rigid, top-down leadership structure overrun and leaders are frustrated, employees are burned out and disengaged, and companies are vulnerable to attack. 

The lack of an agile leadership system is causing a titanic breakdown in communication, collaboration, and teamwork which is eroding the employee experience, leaving teams disjointed and unable to adapt, and leading to loss of market share and diminishing returns. This turns out to be a big problem as only 14% of CEOs are equipped with these new leadership skills and tools.

Your audience will walk away with a battle-tested leadership approach grounded in simplicity and agility along with a tangible set of actions they can implement immediately to upskill themselves and retool their team and organization to meet the challenges of a faster and more disruptive world. 

Leaders who implement Fast Attack build high-performance teams that are 9X more aligned and 4X more productive with 3X higher employee retention. They also empower their employees with tools to stay engaged and connected, focus on goals that matter most, and be resilient and agile in the face of change. Having a high-performance culture to collectively drive results and adapt, along with a world-class employee experience to attract and retain the best people, has Fast Attack leaders confidently leaning into the tremendous opportunities and challenges ahead.