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What We Need to Implement Right Now from the U.S. Navy’s Art of Readiness

In today’s complex business arena, uncertainty has become a constant companion. As businesses face challenges ranging from lost opportunities to plummeting profits, the answer lies not just in adaptation, but in something deeper: readiness. It’s a proactive stance that serves as a shield against these challenges, demonstrated by the U.S. military. Let’s dissect the military’s art of readiness, with a focus on the U.S. Navy’s submarine force and how we accomplished readiness to unveil how this concept can transform today’s companies into nimble, unflinching entities in an uncertain landscape.


The U.S. Navy’s submarine force stands as a testament to the power of readiness. However our readiness 400 feet below the surface isn’t just about being prepared; it’s a blend of foresight, adaptable training, and resolute determination.

Personnel Readiness:
The cornerstone of military readiness rests upon the shoulders of its personnel. The U.S. Navy’s commitment to personnel readiness is a testament to recognizing that strength starts with the individuals within the ranks. Beyond physical training, submariners are honed to exhibit mental resilience, adaptability, and the capability to excel under immense pressure. 

Equipment and Technological Excellence:
While technology arms the military with advanced tools, the prowess of this technology hinges on skilled operators. The U.S. Navy’s emphasis on equipment readiness transcends maintenance—it encompasses meticulous calibration, technical expertise, and the ability to harness the full potential of cutting-edge tools.

Operational Agility:
The analogy of submarines isn’t confined to the depths of water; it reflects operational agility in the face of change. Rigorous drills, simulations, and exercises equip submariners to execute intricate maneuvers with precision. This operational agility is mirrored in the corporate realm by cultivating a mindset that embraces change.

Strategic Alignment and Flexibility:
The U.S. Navy’s submarine force operates not in isolation but as part of a broader strategic landscape. Their readiness is anchored in deep alignment with national objectives, enabling the fleet to pivot resources and strategies as circumstances shift. 


Applying military readiness to the corporate world is transformative. It arms companies against the vulnerability stemming from uncertainty—transforming challenges into opportunities.

Anticipating and Managing Risks:
In business, readiness anticipates and manages risks proactively. Just as the military mitigates threats, companies diagnose vulnerabilities, devise contingency plans, and ensure continuity in the face of unexpected events.

Agility as a Competitive Edge:
Market landscapes are dynamic, favoring those who can adapt swiftly. By embracing readiness, companies cultivate the agility needed to pivot rapidly, seize emerging trends, and outpace competitors. This agility reframes adaptation as a competitive advantage.

Empowered Workforce:
Readiness empowers employees, transforming them into proactive contributors who tackle challenges confidently. When individuals possess the skills, mindset, and resilience to excel in ambiguity, the entire organization thrives.


The military’s readiness involves the synergy of personal and collective preparedness—a melody of success.

Personal Readiness:
Just as submariners must be personally prepared, corporate employees need skills beyond the surface. Personal readiness extends beyond technical know-how; it embraces adaptability, problem-solving, and continuous learning.

Collective Readiness:
An orchestra is more than individual instruments—it’s collective effort creating harmony. Similarly, in business, individual readiness gains power in a collectively ready organization. This synergy shows itself through being aligned to the mission, effective communication, decision-making, accountability, and recognition/gratefulness.



As the pace of business continues to speed up, the military’s mastery of readiness, particularly by the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, guides corporations through the turbulence of modern business. Embracing readiness transforms uncertainty into opportunity, where challenges are conquered and possibilities harnessed.

Readiness ripples across sectors, converting uncertainty into growth. As the submarine plunges forward into uncharted waters with readiness as their North Star, companies venture into the unknown with confidence. Through personal and collective readiness, companies don’t merely survive these new, disruptive times—they thrive.